The AUTO WIND UP FEEDING TABLE Provides an efficient means of high-volume linen delivery to operators

An ergonomic clean linen delivery workstation with speed and safety in mind to improve operator experience and performance.

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Operators performing the repetitive motion of picking & placing linen consistently is a difficult task. By delivering an ergonomic work station operators have the ability to improve performance and eliminate fatigue. Built with stainless steel feeding tables (optional dual sided feeding tables available) provides an ergonomic height to reduce operator strain, foot pedal controls allow the operator(s) to wind the belt up and down (equipped with positional limits) to present the goods in smaller batches to allow faster feeding. Automatically calls, stages, and opens bags from the rail systems storage area, the chute allows for easy transfer of goods from rail system bags, enclosed loading area fully protects operator during drops and informs the operator about customer changes. The AUTO WUFT's linen load capacity is 500 lbs-for small pieces and has an 11 second unwind time allows for no waiting from operator. 

Kannegiesser ETECH’s AUTO WUFT is leading the way to improving productivity & safety with automated clean linen work station delivery.