The PowerTrans Vario – combining high productivity with great variety of article range and batches.

The PowerTrans Vario serves exactly the demands of your daily business now and in future. We designed this machine to enable you to provide hygiene and diversity. With the PowerTrans Vario at your side, you are more than prepared for the upcoming demands in the years to come.

Fully tailored to your application


The Batch Washer System demands a well-rounded and integrative long-term approach.


Hygiene & Diversity

The main future tasks for Textile Service Providers

Global business trends show that hygiene and diversity in particular will become the main tasks for Textile Service Providers in future. Hygiene is the core business of a textile service company. Diversity is the second challenge and offers a chance to differentiate from the competition. New textiles, articles and colors will have an impact on the whole process and will require machines to cope with these elements.

  • Individual processing of each batch with regards to water levels, chemicals, temperatures etc.
  • No counterflow, no liquor mixing guaranteeing wash quality, hygiene and color fastness

Cost-effectiveness, Performance and Availability

The key success factors for your daily business

The PowerTrans Vario minimizes the consumption of water, energy and chemicals. The principle of the straight drum wall design enables high loading ratios and overload safety without any restrictions on the wash and finish quality. To ensure that your daily laundry processes run smoothly and steadily, you have a long-lasting, resilient partner by your side.

  • Highest possible output within the available space
  • Water and energy savings by design
  • Best wash performance with lowest consumption
  • Low lifecycle costs
  • Excellent textile care

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