The Company

It has been a long way from the simple washing-machine made of wood to modern industrial laundry technology. On the basis of a nearly sixty years enduring company history and the additional experiences of traditional companies as Poensgen, Voss, Passat, Kleindienst and Pharmagg, Kannegiesser offers today the whole range of laundry technology and developed from a pure machine supplier to the technological partner of the industrial laundry, from washing to drying to finishing and sorting.

In this sense we see ourselves as a technical partner who organises, develops and keeps on the highest level of efficiency and availability of the complete laundry technology.

From 1950 specially developed shirt presses swept the laundry market and were confronted with already established brands, such as Kleindienst, Brown, Ajax or Prosperity. The involvement in the garment industry on the one hand, and the laundry businesses on the other have left their imprint on the further development of the company.

Our Organisation

  • Our Organisation Grouping in product divisions to ensure high competency in every field.
  • Specialisation of each of the six German plants in one subject ensuring efficiency and a continuous improvement in process.
  • Uniform distribution/marketing organisations to guarantee that every customer can rely on one person in charge dealing with the whole project and who will identify himself with the demands of this customer.
  • Uniform application of service methods with technical support where the product competency lies.
  • By inter-linking overall team work keeping the competency on an up-to-date level (information- and communication technology, control technology, data management, service support methods, complete project planning and market control, innovation management, production methods)