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TEXCARE 2012 - A giant leap forward for Industrial Laundries

Once more, Kannegiesser’s innovative capacity for reducing operating costs and optimizing production and quality was demonstrated at Texcare 2012.


Kannegiesser’s strong presence and the number of new machines presented attests to our determination and dedication to the advancement of technology in the Laundry industry.

A few of 2012’s innovations featured:


Supertrack’s Robot Lift system is a fast, extremely compact and ergonomic system; it allows for the supplying of storage lines over 360 °. Some of the key advantages of the Robot Lift: it is fast, quiet and ergonomic. It’s compact and flexible design is space-saving, while being robust thanks to the experience of Supertrack design.

WASHING –"Turbo" charge your laundry

With the PowerTrans PLUS, Kannegiesser demonstrates its ability to increase production while controlling operating costs.

A few key advantages of the PowerTrans PLUS:

  • New drum geometry for a greater utile volume and a better ability to handle possible overloads. No more empty loads in between different color categories...
  • A new design to reduce energy consumption; reduction of air gaps, less dead water areas, integrated recycling system with modulating filter according to the needs of the different article categories.
  • New design of the linen “tip and fall” effect and improved mechanical action. Fewer windings of large flat sections.
  • Improved ergonomics: intuitive mission control and programs with complete traceability and a view of the funnel and press by video camera.
  • The new lint filter is more effective than Venturi-effect discs.
  • New positioning of the recycling tanks to allow for better maintenance access under the tunnel.

New feeding control system which saves precious seconds during cycles. For use with presses or to increase hourly production.

…and many other benefits that we will gladly tell you about.

The PowerTrans PLUS is available with the latest moisture extraction technology: Turbo press, JET presses and JET- centrifuges. Each machine ensures optimal production and energy savings while being gentle on fabrics.

DRYING – discover ECO2Power

With the new PowerDry II series, you can replace your ageing dryers with technology offering the lowest energy consumption and production of 4 cycles per hour, or complete your installation with a winning combination: a PowerTrans PLUS tunnel and PowerDry II dryers.

The PowerDry II dryer series is also available with a unique and optimal configuration called ECO2Power (gas) for maximum production at 4 cycles per hour and minimal energy consumption. A few key advantages of the PowerDry II: 4 cycles per hour, modulating gas burner with a ramp and continuous oxygen flow adjustment, low energy consumption, a patented high performance non-stick coating, self-cleaning function and many other benefits that we will gladly tell you about.

FEEDING - double synchronization to increase speed and improve quality

Featuring the latest double synchronization, Kannegiesser demonstrates the effectiveness of the new EMT Synchro (3 positions) and EMQ Synchro (4 positions). Extremely fast and precise, this system accelerates production and guarantees a perfect and repeatable removal to meet the highest quality criteria of feeding and ironing.

FINISHING – fighting against fabric wear

The range of high performance HPM II and HPM Grand II ironers now include the latest technological innovations to extend the life of fabrics and to provide flexible production and reduced operating costs.

The HPM series is also available with the unique and optimal ECO2Power (gas) configuration for maximum production and minimal energy consumption.

A few key advantages of the HPM II: stainless steel heating band with a "pendulum" system to continuously adapt to the geometry of the cylinder; modulating gas burner and continuous oxygen flow adjustment for minimal energy consumption; a patented high performance surface treatment (electro-polishing) for improving the “gliding” of linen associated with KannPress springs to better absorb the different thicknesses for certain items when ironing.

GARMENTS –helping to create durable client relationships

With the DressCare management and automatic distribution system, Kannegiesser clearly demonstrates the advances made in terms of flexibility and quality.

With many years of experience in numerous facilities in France and abroad, the DressCare system enables you to create durable relationships with your clients in order to ensure the sustainability of your business in addition to simplifying your inventory and logistics.

The technical benefits are numerous and ensure complete control of the flow and inventory of garments to both you and your clients. Users as well as managers benefit from the flexibility and the availability, securing a durable client relationship.

Feel free to contact us for more information.

Many other products were successfully presented at our TEXCARE stand, like our global laundry management solution software, our system for conveying and sorting of flatwork articles, deported feeding at very high speeds, our Clipmaster 2-station ultra-fast feeders, etc.

For our clients who did not have the opportunity to discover our new products and solutions, energy recovery systems for both machines (washer-extractors, dryers, tunnel finishers...) and for laundries in general (EMS exchanger), please contact our office at 01 55 66 94 20 or send an e-mail to info@kannegiesser.fr

The whole Kannegiesser team is at your service

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