PowerTrans Vario - A machine designed for hygienic applications

Hygiene not only includes a good washing process, but also a hygienic machine design.

A hygienic machine design avoids areas where dirt and microorganisms can permanently settle.  Furthermore, the machine must be easily accessible for regular cleaning and maintenance.  For servicing, the service technician must be able to open all critical areas and, if necessary, carry out a thorough cleaning.

The PowerTrans Vario is designed in every detail for highly demanding hygienic applications. This includes the avoidance of any ‘dead spaces’ in the inner and outer drums, tanks and pipework where dirt or microorganisms could settle and accumulate permanently.  All process components and parts that are exposed to the product are made of stainless steel.

The PowerTrans Vario has a hygienic machine design that focuses on preventing contamination from the outset:

  • Minimum number of double drums necessary. 
  • Reliable bath separation
  • Continuously smooth stainless steel surfaces
  • Carewash perforation rounded off from the outside
  • Permanent circulation and injection of water and chemicals at the 10 o’clock position

Due to this design no residues can accumulate. In addition, optional cleaning nozzles on the inner shell of the outer drum could be incorporated so this area also remains permanently clean.

With the PowerTrans Vario, modern textile service providers can be sure that their laundry is not only clean, but hygienically pure.