The Green Laundry

Saving resources, lowering CO2 emissions and reducing energy costs – almost every customer conversation now involves these topics. Fossil fuels are becoming scarcer and therefore more expensive. CO2 emissions are being taxed more and more in many countries due to climate policy. Today, every company in the supply chain is required to present its sustainability measures and goals to its business partners in a binding manner.

With the “Green Laundry” concept, Kannegiesser has been supporting its customers as a partner in laundry technology for almost two decades. "The Green Laundry" serves to structure the various resource optimization measures in companies and to provide laundries with recommendations for action on how to reduce their consumption.

The concept of "The Green Laundry"

The Green Laundry is the Kannegiesser concept for the energy optimization of laundries. The machine technology, the overall system and the energy supply are examined closely and tailor-made solutions are found for our customers.

By systematically considering these 3 categories, it is ensured that the laundry takes the right steps and does not lose sight of any important points. But how does this work in practice?

Energy-optimized machine technology

The greatest savings potential in laundries continues to be found in the individual processes.

First, each individual process step should be analyzed and optimized with regard to possible resource savings. The idea is to use less energy in the individual processes right from the start, before recovering the energy used via recovery systems. So go through the laundry with your eyes open and look at the individual process steps!

Optimization of the overall process

The best machine technology is inefficient if the logistics are inadequate: waiting times at the machines, idle times and poor occupancy levels do not allow the potential of the best machine technology to be used. However, if processes mesh and the laundry works "like clockwork", then energy consumption automatically decreases. The energy-optimized laundry is the laundry where every item is in the right place at the right time.

Optimizing the overall system also includes considering the energy flows: Where in the laundry is there energy that cannot be meaningfully used at this point, but perhaps in another process step? In this way, you can create a media connection between different machines or areas within the laundry.

Efficient and future-proof energy supply

Textile service providers need a reliable energy supply. In addition to efficiency, availability and cost-effectiveness, the question of security of supply is also becoming increasingly important. The question of the most suitable energy source, on the other hand, always depends on the market and operational situation as well as on local and structural conditions.

As a partner in laundry technology, we are also able to provide our customers with competent advice and support on their way to energy optimization in this area.


Modern machine technology, optimized logistics and integrated recovery systems from Kannegiesser form the basis for an energy efficient laundry.

Our core message is: the less your machines use from the start and the more optimized your laundry processes are, the more independent you will be from the energy supply and energy costs in the future. With machine technology from Kannegiesser you are definitely on the right track.