Sustainability – An expensive luxury?

Invest today, profit tomorrow: Why sustainability is for laundries a plus for their budget and for the climate?

Several tons of laundry are processed in a laundry every day. Textile service providers stand for reliability, quality and hygiene. Today, a responsible and integral circular economy means much more: Consistently clean and sustainable processed textiles.

Due to constantly rising energy costs, new EU directives to conserve resources and the clearly visible effects of global climate change, sustainability is increasingly becoming the focus.

Kannegiesser is the global partner for the future of the laundry industry. For us, sustainability is an elementary component and more than just a trend. In addition to savings in resources and textile care in the laundry technology, Kannegiesser stands for the integral sustainable corporate culture.

Textile service providers and their customers are more and more focusing on sustainability. Kannegiesser is a global partner for the future of the laundry industry and provides advisory support to their customers. "By helping our customers to become more sustainable, we can make our contribution to reducing the resource requirements of the textile services industry. We make that possible by the use of new technologies in our research and development", says Tina Kannegiesser.

In addition to supplying resource-saving and textile-friendly technology, Kannegiesser also stands for the integral sustainable corporate culture. In addition to reducing the company's own carbon footprint, this includes securing long-term economic stability, comprehensive education and training of the own employees and security for the future through innovation.

Kannegiesser has always developed the machines with care in terms of optimising the entire energy chain in the laundry, offering intelligent solutions for every processing step. Already in 2008, Kannegiesser presented "The Green Laundry" at the Texcare in Frankfurt. More than ever and despite constantly rising energy costs and C02 taxes, the companies are faced with the challenge of developing solutions to remain future-proof and competitive today.

In the washhouse, the high-performance washing line Power-Trans Vario sets new standards for washing efficiency, hygiene, water and energy consumption. The water-extraction technology of the PowerPress and PowerSpin provides low residual moistures permitting high savings in the subsequent evaporation process. Thanks to the process control Eco2Power for the transfer dryer PowerDry, the energy is kept in the system and needs not to be recovered via heat exchangers. In the finishing process, Kannegiesser is a pioneer for low-temperature drying during the process of ironing, finishing or full drying - with impressive results for both, in maintaining textile value and energy consumption. Ultimately, the energy contained in the ironing and finisher exhaust air is used to heat fresh water for the washing process - the circle is completed.

The sum of many factors leads to solid results: The average energy consumption of a modern large-scale laundry equipped with Kannegiesser technology has more than halved in the past 10 years. Using innovative technology, the consumption of less than 0.8 kWh per kg of laundry can be achieved in many cases today. For comparison : In many laundries nowadays, this figure is around 2 to 2.5 kWh per kg of laundry - in some it is certainly a little lower, in others it is much higher.

Significant energy savings help companies to remain economically healthy and competitive with strongly increasing energy costs. Not only the cost balance, but also the climate balance plays an important role. The CO2 emissions of a laundry processing 30 tons of laundry a day and at the same time reducing gas consumption from 2.2 to 0,8 kWh per kg of laundry, are reduced by 2.255 tons per year - a plus for the budget and for the climate!

The modern technology of Kannegiesser reduces the use of fresh water and fossil fuels. Our solutions drive growth for our customers and create attractive, future-oriented and ergonomic jobs for us and in the entire industry. This is how we help people to live clean, healthy and safe lives.