Step by step to SmartLaundry

SmartLaundry enables productivity to be increased, diversity to be mastered and delivery reliability to be guaranteed. This applies not only to new "greenfield" projects. The much more frequent application is the step-by-step development of a smart laundry in existing laundries.

What is a SmartLaundry?

The core function of SmartLaundry is process control. This is the automatic control of the operational process. The batch information from the database determines the machines to be addressed for each process step. In addition, the machines are automatically assigned the machining programs. Besides to process control, the SmartLaundry also has a sophisticated monitoring and reporting system.   

The 7 steps to SmartLaundry


1. X6

The X6 touchscreen control panel is the first step towards SmartLaundry. Large and easily recognizable colored icons ensure easy operation as well as fast and safe program selection.  

2. SmartConnect

All Kannegiesser finishing machines are equipped with SmartConnect. The decision for a Kannegiesser machine is therefore a safe investment for the future. SmartConnect stands for seamless integration into SmartLaundry – from process control to monitoring. Now or later.

3. Central program control

The central program control links the feeding, ironing and folding machine to an "ironer line from one source". After selecting the program, each individual machine adjusts itself optimally to the laundry category:

  • The feeder spreads with the right force.
  • The ironer adjusts its speed and has the right contact pressure as well as the optimal temperature.
  • The folder adjusts the desired number of folds – even with precise overlap settings for excellent folding quality.

Each single item is tracked throughout the entire ironing process – a requirement for uninterrupted processing even during program changes. Waiting times are avoided and productivity is increased.

4. Automatic program setting via ticket

The fast selection of the right processing program is the requirement for continuous processing of laundry. This is possible even when supplying the batches with trolleys. A continuous flow of information from the washing to the finishing area can be achieved by ticket printing after the dryers. The item information contained in the barcode can be read by a scanner on the ironer line or dry work folding machine. With this information the central database immediately supplies the right processing program.

5. Laundry supply to the operating personnel

The next automatization step consists of feeding systems to the ironer lines and dry work folding machines. All Kannegiesser feeders and dry work folders are designed in such a way, that the laundry can be optimally supplied and the information from the central database is processed in parallel.

6. Vectura – Stack management for the expedition area

Vectura stack management ensures fast, accurate and complete delivery. Depending on the specific needs, stacks can be…

  • sorted by customers, articles or machines,
  • transported to a central point,
  • automatically packed or banded,
  • provided with a ticket and information about customer, article and number of items.

This is possible due to the seamless integration of the Vectura stack management with the finishing machines. The synchronization of goods and information flow leads to a significant simplification of expedition processes.

7. Conveying technology

Sorting platforms in the soiled linen area considerably increase the sorting performance. The batch washers are continuously supplied with goods via a monorail system – the performance in the washhouse increases by up to 20%. The synchronized material and information flow starts right at the beginning of the laundry process.

Bag conveyor systems in the finishing area close the gap between the washhouse and the ironer lines, the dry work area and the garment finishing area. The batches are loaded to a bag storage system and assigned to the finishing processes directly after the dryers – the printing and scanning of barcodes is not needed anymore. The bag system is seamlessly integrated into the SmartLaundry and communicates with the comprehensive database system.


At the beginning there is the single machine with X6 and SmartConnect. At the ironer line, the synchronization of material and information flow is already realized with the central program control. The automatic program setting for batch changes can first be done by scanning tickets. Later, the automatic laundry supply and the integration of the washing and finishing area via a bag storage system after the dryers will follow. Gradually, the soiled linen area with sorting platform and monorail system will also be integrated, as well as the expedition area with the Vectura stack management system.  

Subsystems can be integrated successive into a complete system. Like a puzzle, everything fits together. This enables also existing companies to develop a SmartLaundry step by step.