Precision Washing with Kannegiesser Washer Extractor Technology

Outstanding washing quality and reproducible hygiene are the most important requirements for modern laundries today. The Kannegiesser washer-extractor technology with its first-class process technology and reliable effectiveness offers the perfect solution.

High-value process technology

Kannegiesser washer extractors have a unique measuring and sensor technology. The core is the ActiveProcessControl, which aligns all processes consistently with the current laundry batch.

The batch weight is recorded immediately during loading and serves as the basis for the subsequent filling processes (water and chemicals). Thus, each batch is processed with exactly the amount of water and chemical concentration specified by the washing program. The amount of water supplied is precisely controlled by weighing cells. That means that imprecise filling by level measurement and undefined liquor ratios in the event of over- or underloading belong to the past.

Another highlight of the Kannegiesser washer-extractor technology is the JET rinsing. By spinning directly after the main wash, the machine drains a large part of the adsorbed main wash liquor before rinsing. In this way, you achieve excellent rinse results with just one rinse step, where previously three rinse steps were required. Not only is less fresh water required, but also less time – the daily output of the machine increases! JET washing is made possible by the short braking times and the wear-free braking of the Kannegiesser washer extractors.

Reliable effectiveness

It is important that the defined wash process parameters are maintained precisely in practical operation. Only then, you can achieve a reliable high level of effectiveness. ActiveProcessControl makes the process independent of varying external influences such as load quantities, laundry mix, dirt load, fresh water pressure, steam pressure, flushing of dosing pipes and so on. For this, we use the term "precision washing".

An example: With an inhomogeneous laundry mix, you sometimes have a larger batch and sometimes a smaller one. One time the cotton content is higher and the next time maybe a little lower. A conventional washer-extractor is therefore completely unaware of how much adsorbed liquor remains in the batch after a full drain. But how should the machine then know the water amount to be refilled after draining in order to ensure the liquor ratio set in the washing program or in the hygiene guidelines? Conventional washer-extractor technology is very imprecise here and has to compensate for these inaccuracies through "overdosing" in order to achieve the desired wash and hygiene result.

Kannegiesser washer extractors, on the other hand, know exactly how much laundry and water is in the drum at all times thanks to ActiveProcessControl. Filling processes are precisely tailored to this. Washing parameters and hygiene guidelines are effectively complied with – and this long-term reliable. It couldn't be more precise!


High-value process technology and reliable effectiveness enable immediate competitive advantages: Less consumptions, increased output, reproducibility, process reliability, exact compliance with the specified washing parameters and hygiene guidelines. The Kannegiesser washer extractor is always the first choice for hygienic quality and validated washing processes.