PowerPress - hygienically safe extraction

The extraction press plays a crucial role in the hygiene safety of the batch washer system. The design of the PowerPress is the basis for hygienically safe processing of laundry coming from the batch washer.

An independent hygiene report from the international research and testing institute Hohenstein evaluated the PowerPress remarkably positive. That assessment of hygiene safety was based on the following criteria:

  • Minimizing the risk of contamination of laundry.
  • Controlled drainage, avoiding process water overflow on the clean side of the laundry.
  • Safe transport of the laundry batch, avoiding falling apart on the way to the dryer.
  • Accessibility and time required for cleaning the press.

Disinfection support for the drainage belt

The hygienic design of the PowerPress can be ideally supplemented by the disinfection support for the drainage belt. This option is used for the regular disinfection of the drainage belt with a disinfectant solution via a nozzle line. The disinfection of the belt can be carried out in automatic mode or in manual mode:

  • In automatic mode, disinfection takes place in a parameterizable interval during ongoing operation.
  • In manual mode, the disinfection is manually activated.