Nine reasons for low temperature ironing by Kannegiesser

The COVID 19 pandemic and climate change are the two major topics of our time. For the textile service industry, this poses major challenges. While the pandemic threatens the business of many laundries, many laundries feel pressured by their high energy consumption in the face of climate change. The goal is clear: Save costs and energy - and do so without compromising quality and productivity. The solution is even clearer: The new HPM low temperature ironer by Kannegiesser.

The HPM low temperature ironer is heated by steam and includes four rollers. Due to the extended ironing distance, excellent evaporation performance and finish quality are achieved even at low temperatures and high speeds. Here are nine reasons for low temperature ironing by Kannegiesser:

  1. Longer textile life
    Research by the Hohenstein Institute and Beirholm has shown that ironing at high temperatures in particular can quickly lead to a loss of tear resistance and chemical fibre damage in the textile. Lower temperatures during ironing increase the textile lifetime by up to 30%. Even for processing relatively inexpensive items, a lot of costs can be saved.
  2. Lower energy consumption
    With the reduction of the temperature, the steam pressure can be reduced by up to 50%. In addition, the heat loss is reduced. This significantly minimizes energy consumption and thus costs.
  3. Improved textile quality
    Less color transfer, less chemical residue, and less heat exposure lead to better preservation of size, color, and brightness.
  4. Longer lifetime of the belts in the folding machine
    A lower temperature of the ironed items protects the belts in the folding machine and improves their durability.
  5. Longer lifetime of the ironing belt
    The ironing belt suffers less damage from heat and chemical residue and extends the belt's lifespan.
  6. Less shrinkage of the textiles
    Lower temperatures reduce fiber shrinkage and maintain textile quality in the long term.
  7. Less electrostatic charge
    Low temperature ironing eliminates the risk of electric shock to staff. In addition, negative effects for the folding process are reduced, which helps the folding process.
  8. Cooler workplace
    Lower temperatures result in cooler laundry stacks that are easy to handle without gloves. The lower surrounding air temperature also provides a comfortable working environment, especially during the summer.
  9. Reduced fire risk
    The risk of spontaneous combustion due to heat and oil or grease stains is significantly lower due to lower ironing temperatures.

These nine reasons show that low temperature ironing has many positive effects besides reducing energy consumption and thus costs.