Ergonomics for large items: + 37.5 % feeding performance!

There is no need to beat around the bush: Working in a laundry is one of the toughest jobs. Especially the feeding of linen can be a demanding task when performed for hours at a time. Repetitive and expansive movements have negative impacts on the employee’s health and mindset, resulting in poor productivity.

It is no surprise that the textile care industry suffers from a shortage of skilled workers. That is why Kannegiesser puts a lot of emphasis on ergonomics in research and development. After all, the operator’s feeding performance is critical as it determines the output of the feeding machine. The result is laundry technology that focuses on the operator to ensure highest quality and productivity. An independent study by the ErgoCert institution from Udine, Italy, confirms: The ergonomic design of Kannegiesser’s feeding machine SynchroRemote reduces strain on operators by up to 37 % and increases productivity by up to 37,5 % in comparison to conventional feeders.

Reduced work load and risk of injuries

The SynchroRemote provides optimal ergonomics for the feeding of large and heavy items such as table linen, king sheets and king duvet covers. The ErgoCert institute was able to affirm that claim by analyzing ergonomics using latest motion capturing technology under real-life working conditions. This involved capturing the movements and postures of different people with heights ranging from 1.55 m to 1.90 m (5′ 1″ to 6′ 2″) and assessing the data for ergonomics. The research shows that on the SynchroRemote feeding requires 67 % less grip strength compared to conventional feeding machines. According to ErgoCert, this reduces the risk of wrist injuries by 25 %. Automatic item separation before the feeding process eliminates the need to untangle large items from each other, which otherwise demands a great deal of force.

Automatic item lifting for large items

A key feature of the SynchroRemote is the automatic item lifting, reducing the required force and expanse of movements for the operators. After clamping the first corner of the item, the machine automatically lifts the article by advancing the trolley upwards. Operators can easily untangle the item and quickly find the second corner. The feeding clamp is equipped with optical input support. Light indicators using different colors for each corner of the item. A sensor detects incorrect feeding quickly and triggers an alert to ensure smooth operation.

Item buffer for consistent output

Thanks to the integrated item buffer and its customer/batch change function the SynchroRemote keeps the feeding process running smoothly. The buffer can take up to 10 pieces per station, ensuring permanent item availability. It compensates for the natural fluctuation of the operator’s performance, easing the pressure on the operator. The customer change function enables continuous processing (no empty running of the buffer system). While one operator still feeds textiles belonging to one customer, all other operators can already continue feeding items from another customer at the same time.

The ergonomic design of the SynchroRemote protects employee health and promotes long-term work satisfaction – while boosting performance and ensuring quality.