TM 50 HighClean


The TM 50 HighClean is specifically designed for drying work and protective clothing in clean room applications. The barrier wall design and high-quality stainless steel components such as the dryer housing and inner drum are a guarantee for particle-reduced drying.

The air is heated via the integrated stainless steel heating register and flows through the laundry items evenly. For an optimized air flow, the drum speed is controlled depending on the moisture of the goods. Various HighClean options allow the dryer to be configured for the desired clean room application.

  • Dryer housing made of stainless steel
  • Barrier wall design – the machine technology is located outside the clean room
  • Airtight connection parts for integration into the barrier wall
  • Door seal made from EPDM
  • Two turning handles for sealed locking of door
  • Supply unit with filter box for different cleanroom classes (ISO 14644-1 class 4-7)
  • Variable installation of supply unit – better adaption to local site conditions
  • Air pass through and recirculating air version available

The TM 50 HighClean is designed for a batch size of 31 kg, based on 100 % polyester with a loading ratio of approx.
1:40 (kg/dm³).

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