Our Goals

For over 70 years, we are the partner of the textile service providers regarding industrial laundry technology

Successful companies in the laundry industry are obliged to offer their customers complete solutions with an overall scope of system integration, instead of leaving the customer to deal with the solution of complex detailed problems. 

This especially applies to the textile service providers, who must rely on the expertise of an assortment specialists: from textile designers to washing, hygiene and logistic experts, and experts for all adjacent areas. As a result, Kannegiesser created the “complete system solution approach.”

By following this example, a company is able to increase their own added value – especially when avoiding the completion of each partial process on its own. On the contrary: the complete solution approach allows the concentration on favorable conditions and inherent competencies, resulting on a higher overall company standard.

In this regard Kannegiesser is increasingly seen as the Technical Partner, who responsibly designs complete laundry solutions and further develops a unique structure, which eventually elevates machinery systems to their highest efficiency and availability.

At Kannegiesser we intend to challenge ourselves increasingly in this regard.  As a result, two individual focus areas were essential for us:

  1. Responsibly develop and deliver of the complete industrial laundry technology – from washing to drying to finishing and sorting.
  2. Cross-link the complete laundry technology via one uniform control architecture with open logistic concepts, company data management and a complete support and customer service organization.

Losing only the briefest connection to the newest technology, a company would have great difficulties to catch up. We are facing a demanding environment, in which a company is at a significant disadvantage when gaining lost ground. It is our duty as the “Leader in Laundry Technology” to avoid this situation. Incidentally, this course is also essential for our continued relevance and dominance in the marketplace.