30 batches per hour stands for highest performance with the name PowerSpin.

Performance optimizing – this is the effective combination of high output with high moisture extraction. With the design of the PowerSpin, our central focus has always been on our customers and on their requirements for a centrifugal extractor:

  • High moisture extraction performance
  • Short cycle times
  • Textile care
  • Highest possible process reliability

The result is a high power centrifuge with high output and high savings – including shorter process times and reduced energy consumption in the following drying processes!

PowerSpin - The performance optimizer

The PowerSpin is an up-to-date centrifuge – without compromise


The centrifuge performing with a 2 minute cycle

The PowerSpin PLUS is a centrifuge which expands use in the field and which also provides full extraction power even with a true batch cycle of only 120 seconds.

  • Significantly reduced non-active machine times
  • Maximum force of 800 g
  • 10 seconds of high-speed extraction during a cycle of 120 seconds (PS+ Turbo)

Process reliability means high availability and hygiene

The PowerSpin has a large inner drum with special perforations and
a surface which has been polished electrolytically. Both the rotating and the pivoting movements are carried out by frequency inverter-controlled, direct drives, without v-belts. The batch is unloaded without any requirement for either an integrated belt or a ‘pusher’.

The inner drum comes without net-inlets or inflatable ribs for trouble-free unloading of all textiles and for the most hygienic conditions.

  • Maximum reliability, process safety and hygiene
  • Inner drum with special perforations and electrolytically polished surface
  • Innovative drum pivoting movement without lifting cylinders
  • Complete base frame constructed in stainless steel ensuring maximum hygienic conditions

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