Lower Residual Moisture Leads to Energy Savings in the Finishing Process.

One of the most important development objectives of a modern moisture extraction press is optimum performance with all types of laundry, even for very short wash cycles and delicate articles. The subsequent energy savings during drying and ironing are considerable and high performance hydraulics and control system ensure gentle treatment of all textiles.

PowerPress - The output maximizer

The Kannegiesser PowerPress redefines moisture extraction in batch washer systems.


High moisture extraction performance

There is no such thing as standard operation in the field. Overloading, bulky items, batches that fall apart easily are the norm. The PowerPress is optimally designed for this type of operation in the field. A high degree of reliability, even if the press is overloaded or when processing types of laundry liable to fall apart, is vital for the practical operation of the equipment.

  • Fast pressure build-up
  • Maximum high pressure time
  • Rapid water drainage
  • Belt unloading – guarantee for safety and hygiene

Simple operation, easy maintenance

These two features are inextricably linked. A clearly designed machine construction with highest material standards and a completely newly designed collection tank makes maintenance very simple. The system remains clean and, therefore, perfectly hygienic and requires minimum maintenance. The PowerPress is controlled by a high performance yet easy to operate control system.

  • Large, fully viewable collection tank
  • Cover panels in stainless steel
  • Structural strength without compromise

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