The new generation of washer extractors for most applications with a large variety of additional equipment.

Specialties and functions:

  • 10 models for 30 kg to 270 kg (66 lbs to 595 lbs)
  • Each machine available in barrier-wall or industrial design
  • Heating: steam, electro, combined heating direct / indirect steam
  • High G-factor of 350 G
  • No imbalance loading because of exact equal batch weights in each cylinder compartment
  • Improved ergonomics because of side mounted cylinder door, comfortable loading and unloading and manual addition of detergents below eye level
  • Scaletron PLUS weighing device for reproducible washing results, fast and safe loading and optimal washing mechanics optionally available
  • Documentation of all relevant parameters by Datafocus
  • Pre-defined residual moisture extraction (OPS) for constant residual moistures for all following processes such as ironer or tunnel finisher
  • Water recovery system for considerable water and energy savings optionally available
  • Carewash cylinder perforation for a most careful washing standard
  • JET-Rinsing: the revolutionary principle of our PowerTrans JET transferred to the FAVORITplus  for minimum fresh water consumption and highest output
  • SPS control for up to 99 different washing programs

Fully tailored to your application

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