Favorit Vario HighClean


For hygienic quality and validated washing processes, the Favorit Vario HighClean is the first choice. The water and chemicals are added for each batch based on the weight and program, always based on the real loading weight. ActiveProcessControl even considers the adsorbed liquor during the filling process – a true precision washing that no other machine on the market can perform! This achieves 100% reproducibility and documentation of your hygiene processes.

  • Barrier wall design with loading on the unclean side and unloading in the clean room – so no dirty laundry gets into the clean room!
  • Large drum openings for quick and gentle loading and unloading of articles
  • Indirect steam heating to prevent contamination and keep the concentration of chemicals at a constant level
  • Exceptionally careful CareWash cylinder perforation to reduce the friction
  • Water and steam valves made from stainless steel
  • Airtight connecting parts for barrier wall integration
  • Membrane sealed keypad without edges and fissure suitable for a clean room
  • Additionally sealed covering to the clean side

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