Our custom-made Porta systems are ideal for processing laundry trolleys, transport carts, containers and wheeled shelves. Depending on its equipment, the process includes soaking, washing, rinsing, steaming, chemical disinfection and vapour exhaust in optimal sequence.

Specialties and functions:

  • Closed cabin for real barrier-wall application
  • Above-floor or in-floor installation possible
  • Average cycle time per charge (2 containers) 5-6 min dependent on degree of soiling and program
  • Chain driven nozzle facilities spray water, chemicals and steam on each trolley
  • For high-pressure and medium-pressure washing procedures (6 resp 20 bar spray pressure)
  • Recovery tank for reduction of water consumption by 50 – 60 % optionally available
  • Nozzle systems for washing of bottom and top optionally available
  • Internal tilting device optionally available
  • Hot air drying system optionally available
  • SPS control for up to 99 individual programs

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