Achieving optimum logistics with vacuum transport.

Many laundries have problems with transfer solutions between the washing, drying and finishing areas, which is often a result of obstructed transfer routes. This prevents the planning of an optimum solution. AERO is the perfect solution.


Create zig zagging routes through the laundry to transport the linen to where you need it.


The efficient vacuum transport

As replacement and in addition to conventional container technologies, the AERO vacuum transport system is equipped with a suction pipe, which offers a variety of possibilities to plan the distribution of laundry. Additionally, space is saved and processing time is reduced. Linen can be transported from between washing, drying and finishing areas at your will. For example, The AERO-System can also be used to transport wet or dry laundry items from a transfer or loading conveyor to the subsequent processing stations such as tunnel finishers, feeding machines or dry laundry folders.

  • Vacuum transport utilizing suction pipes
  •  Replaces or complements traditional container technologies
  •  Saves space and reduces processing time
  • Transports between washing, drying and finishing areas

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