The feeding machine for the entire range of flatwork

The Synchro has been designed to be the perfect answer to the rising daily demands of your customers. The feeding machine allows you to offer your customers high quality and diversity at the same time.

If you have to handle a wide range of different articles it gives you the opportunity to fulfil those requests. With the Synchro you can process healthcare sheets and heavy bed linen as well as high-quality tablecloths - and it couldn't be easier to operate.

If you want to combine productivity and diversity, this machine is a perfect match.

Synchro EMT / EMQ


The Synchro quite simply offers you more

This feeding machine combines experience of many years together with innovative functions in order to keep up with the requirements of your customer.

  • Flexibility to handle a wide range of articles
  • Ability to process large and small pieces
  • Steady, reliable and precise
  • Ergonomic design for ease of operation
  • Seamless integration in SmartLaundry

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