The model RFM is the ideal folder for processing large items applying length and cross folds with high quality demands.

Specialties and functions:

  • Reverse Folding Operation (Half, Third or M Folding Possible)
  • Kannegiesser roller-belt principle for automatic adaptation for different article thickness
  • Up to 3 primary folds; 1 - 6 lane operation
  • Up to 3 cross folds (depending on lanes)
  • All cross folds with sword
  • Optional "open fold" for 3 cross folds (corners on outside)
  • Stacker via roll stacking; high flexibility by optional sorting stackers (plain or lifting version)
  • Quiet operation; service friendly flat belt drives
  • Automatic Small Piece Folding in Cross Fold Section
  • Automatic folding gap adaptation for a broad work spectrum from sheets to table linen, aprons and small piece folding (multiple sizes)
  • Precise folding results by special guide tapes for light and heavy articles
  • Open bypass for processing of special articles

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