The universal feeding machine for manual feeding at high capacity and quality.

Professional textile service providers give more and more priority to small piece processing. Even though, the attainable profit margins are often far below that of large piece processing margins. To close this gap and to ensure high quality and at the same time efficient processing of small pieces, the use of modern machine technology is the key to success.


The universal feeding machine for highest capacity and unbeatable quality

The EMV feeding machine combines experience of many years together with innovative functions in order to keep up with the requirements for efficient small piece processing.

Owing to its flexible application, it is most suitable for manual feeding of large size pieces, non-standard items as well as table linen for consistent high quality.

  • Optimized ergonomics to reduce handling times
  • Immediate availability of the feeding surface
  • Visually variable marking per lane
  • Unique access and low noise emission

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