When Time is of the Essence: ErgoSpeed

With only 2 seconds per item or 1,800 sheets per hour, the ErgoSpeed provides an outstanding feeding rate, extremely reliable product flow and excellent machine performance. Based on the ergonomic design and many innovative features such as a smart feeding concept or the ServoTronic, it allows a faster workflow, making it the perfect and cost saving addition to the daily laundry business.

Feed & Forget

Anyone can feed it! The operator only has to release the sheet to a specially designed input panel. This fast and easy feeding process is so efficient that it requires no other action by the operator. Other time-consuming movements, such as additionally placing the hand on the item after the release are now obsolete. The wide-open design allows the operator to feed the sheet effortlessly at an extremely high pace. Moreover, due to the simple feeding motion, employees require only minimal training to operate the machine efficiently.

The operator may be fast, but the machine is always faster. Thanks to ServoTronic and the integrated item buffer, the operator never has to wait for the machine. ServoTronic increases the machine performance by up to 30% compared to conventional drive systems. The combination of servo electronics, servo drive and sensor technology enables high acceleration and a precise approach to the end position during the spreading process, thus shortening cycle times and at the same time providing gentle laundry treatment.

The integrated item-buffer allows temporary storage of up to 10 articles while running the process. Compared to other machines the storage capacity is much larger and provides a higher ironer coverage. When you consider the possibly inconsistent feeding performance of operators, this is a major benefit.

Ergonomic article handling

The feeding station geometry allows the operator to always keep their arms below the heartline. Every input panel is continuously adjustable in height, allowing optimal ergonomics for every single  operator. The results are minimized arm movements and the comfortable option to operate in a very back friendly way. And while we’re on the subject of reductions – thanks to its innovative design, the ErgoSpeed is very quiet during all processes.

Fast and reliable machine processes

With its low drop rate, the ErgoSpeed makes the difference. The machine’s elaborate, yet simple design allows a reliable item transfer inside the machine. The direct path to the spreading unit and fewer transfer points on its way to the ironer, eliminate sources of error and add greater reliability to the laundry process as a whole.

One of the most convincing features of the ErgoSpeed is the very safe and reliable item lay-down to the belt. This is due to the wide wrap-around angle for the leading edge on the inclined belt table. A nice side effect of this machine design is that it doesn’t require a vacuum underneath the belt. The lack of a vacuum has the benefit that lint does not get sucked in, a smaller electricity bill, and less maintenance.

A perfect match: ErgoSpeed and CFM

The CFM folding machine is the perfect companion to the ErgoSpeed. When it comes to speeding up professional laundry process, the CFM is the bespoke solution for fast item folding. With up to 1,800 sheets per hour, it provides a higher output rate than any other folder while guaranteeing maximum quality folding results.