The new PowerPress high performance membrane – extra fast, when it matters most

Designed for maximum performance and minimal residual moisture

The PowerPress is the guarantor for time and energy savings in the subsequent drying processes. To ensure this long over the long term, the components of the PowerPress are engineered to withstand the most extreme loads. After all, a press malfunction usually means a total loss of production. When it comes to spare parts, our customers should therefore always trust the original! This applies particularly to the heart of the press – the press membrane.

To better understand the impact of this, let’s have a look at the maintenance: More precisely the membrane’s changing process and the available spare parts.

Changing the membrane: Extra fast, when it matters most Fast membrane change

With the latest generation of PowerPress membranes, changing is faster and easier than ever before. This reduces the downtime of the PowerPress to a minimum! The reason: The clamping ring remains mounted on the ram plate during the entire assembly process. Thus, the membrane is much easier to handle and the time-consuming alignment under the ram plate is no longer required. When installing, the clamping ring is simply pressed into the membrane by the hydraulics.

Spare parts: Only the original is operationally reliable and sustainable

With some suppliers, the retaining ring is rigidly connected to the press membrane. The result: high material stiffness in the area of the adhesive bond. Such membranes can only poorly compensate for a sloped item distribution in the press basket. This leads to an uneven distribution of residual moisture in the batch - in the subsequent dryer, some items thus remain moist while others are already overdried.

Some press membranes are promoted as “antibacterial” but actually result in an environmental sin. These membranes use "zinc pyrithione". Over time it diffuses out of the elastomer and escapes into the water and onto the laundry.

Don’t get this wrong: The hygienic safety of the press is has also a top priority for Kannegiesser. However, the use of toxic zinc compounds contradicts the sustainability commitment of textile service providers and is rejected by us in every case!

From the month of November, all machines will be delivered with the new press membrane.