Supertrack – Reliable, durable and low maintenance

A monorail system must do one thing - Work at all times!

Individual malfunctions in the soiled and clean laundry logistics system can lead to major delays in the entire process. The Supertrack monorail system by Kannegiesser guarantees uninterrupted laundry logistics thanks to its high reliability, long service life and low maintenance requirements. Decades of experience and the continuous advancement of all components have proved that Supertrack is the best soiled and clean linen monorail system in the market. The following four components make Supertrack so unique:

The rail

The stainless steel rail forms the contact surface for the trolley to which the laundry bag is attached. The rail is made as one piece without welding points so it is highly stable and durable. At 6 mm, the material is twice as thick at the most heavily loaded area in comparison to other rails in the market.

The trolley

The trolleys on the Supertrack system run on the outside of the rails which means that lint will not accumulate so easily and cleaning is more convenient. Lint also cannot penetrate the trolleys, as they are completely shielded. The Wheel and bearing form a single unit, which allows for smooth movement and increases durability as well as reliability.
The ball bearings in the trolleys are virtually maintenance free as they are lubricated for their entire life. Manual re-oiling is not necessary. This also means that there is no risk of lubricant dripping from the trolley onto laundry on the ground.

The bag

Supertrack laundry bags are extremely robust, reliable and easy to change. Even if the material rips, the bag remains stable and brings the batch safely to its destination. Changing the bag is quick and easy thanks to the zip on the ring. In the rare event of zip failure, a safety mechanism ensures that the bag can never fall off the rail.


The servo lift transports the bags up to the rail after loading. The new and redesigned version of the lift is faster, requires less maintenance and is more reliable than ever before. A precise, high-torque servomotor enables fast acceleration and the shortest starting and braking distances. The number of moving parts could even be reduced by integrating the new chainless rack and pinion drive. Less moving parts of course result in higher reliability. With over 1 million cycles performed, the new Servolift has already proven this in a UK laundry plant.

Due to the improved stability, the new version of the servo lift now allows overcoming larger height differences of two or even three floors. A practical option: the retractable hood. It enables safe loading of the bag and folds up when the lift moves up to make full use of the ceiling height.

Combined, the characteristics of the components rails, trolley, bag and Servolift make the system reliable and durable while keeping the need for maintenance as low as possible.