HPM TextileCare with 4 rolls: up to 30% longer textile life

The HighPower Steam Ironer (HPM) with 4 rolls and TextileCare technology is venturing into new dimensions of textile care and energy efficiency. Gentle ironing extends textile life by up to 30% and at the same time consumes less energy - without making compromises in quality and productivity. The extended ironing distance ensures excellent evaporation capacity and finish quality even at low temperatures and high speeds.

Why low temperature ironing?

Right after labor costs, textiles and energy and water consumption are the largest cost factors of a leasing laundry. Eventually, textiles suffer damage due to recurring processing. Items have to be replaced repeatedly in order to offer customers the quality they are used to. Research by the Hohenstein Institute has shown that ironing at high temperatures in particular can quickly lead to a loss of tear resistance and chemical fibre damage in the textile. Damage to the textiles, such as greying, discolouration and damage to fibres, can therefore be specifically avoided by gentle ironing at low temperatures. By reducing the steam pressure to as low as 6 bar, energy consumption can also be reduced considerably.

An example of the savings potential by extending the lifespan of textiles:


Essential component of the 4-roller HPM from Kannegiesser is the TextileCare technology. Depending on the processing program, the temperature of the heating band can adjusted infinitely and quickly for different articles and thus supports a better consistency in degree of linen whiteness and colour. Furthermore, it offers ideal conditions for processing temperature-sensitive articles such as polyester table linen. When processing particularly light fabrics, over-drying can be avoided by lowering the temperature, energy can be saved and the lifespan of the linen is extended. Thin or thick articles are optimally processed by the selective roller pressure adjustment.

Depending on the program, all rollers can be driven at high or low pressure. Alternatively, the first roll can be set to low pressure and all other rolls to high pressure. This way the ironing process can be adjusted to a wide range of articles.