Great performance with large pieces: The success story of the "Blanchisserie Lingenet”

At first the productivity was not up to par at the textile service provider "Blanchisserie Lingenet" in Valentigney, France. One of the main reasons was that a lot of time was lost while processing the large and heavy linen for high-class hotels and restaurants. "Blanchisserie Lingenet“ is managed by a father son duo: Jean-Luca Troussard and (his son) Thomas Troussard. They found out that the main problem results in the weak feeding performance.

On the one hand, the employees had problems feeding the large and heavy sheets, duvet covers and tablecloths. On the other hand, the up to 30 customer changes per day additionally delayed operations. The two managing directors needed a solution that would speed up the feeding process AND meet the high quality requirements of their customers.

With the help of Kannegiesser the French textile service provider found the perfect fit: the SynchroRemote feeding machine. The figures speak for themselves! Manager and founder Jean-Luc Troussard sums it up:"Thanks to the SynchroRemote, our productivity is no longer affected by customer changes. Overall, our output increased by 25%."

Many customer changes? No problem thanks to the item buffer!

The SynchroRemote forms a unit of the Kannegiesser Synchro feeding technology with a remote supply and storage system. And it also comes in an extremely compact design. Thanks to the integrated item buffer and its customer/batch change function, the SynchroRemote keeps the feeding process running smoothly. While textiles belonging to one customer are directly fed to the machine, all other operators can continue feeding textile articles from another customer - all at the same time. In this way the item buffer guarantees process consistency at its best and customer changes are not a problem anymore.

Higher output with ServoTronic

The core task of a feeding machine is to spread the laundry items. And this is when ServoTronic comes into the picture. ServoTronic allows more dynamic and precise work than ever before. The combination of servo electronics, servo drive and sensor technology enables high acceleration and a precise approach to the end position, thus shortening cycle times. At the same time it is providing gentle laundry treatment. Compared with conventional drive systems, the ServoTronic increases the machine performance by up to 30%.

Optimum ergonomics: The automatic trolley advance

The core element of the ergonomical machine design is the automatic trolley advance: After clamping the first corner the article gets automatically lifted. This makes it very easy to find the second corner to be clamped. The single clamp feed function ensures that no operator has to wait while feeding. It is connected to the item buffer and thanks to its guiding contour it ensures a fast and easy handling. With ServoTronic the customer is able to achieve constantly high Output throughout the day.

And because of that Blanchisserie Lingenet’s problem of weak feeding performance is now „passé“.