Coronavirus in the washing process

The coronavirus forces us to stay vigilant. But there is no reason for uncertainty. In the washing process, the same hygiene processes have to be observed as previously usual for general hospital linen. With the Kannegiesser machine technology, you are always on the safe side in terms of "hygiene" and "process reliability"!

The hygienic design of the PowerTrans Vario

There are many details that make the PowerTrans Vario a "partner for hygiene professionals".
Consistently standing baths ensure that the laundry is processed under exactly the required disinfection conditions – safe, reproducible and dependent on the batch size, type of laundry and degree of soiling. Mixing of the liquor between neighboring chambers is reliably avoided.
To ensure that the disinfection temperatures are always maintained, the main wash area of the PowerTrans Vario is completely insulated - in other words, "encapsulated": With insulating walls to the adjacent colder pre-wash and rinsing chambers, and to the outside with high-quality 60 mm foam insulation.
The PowerTrans Vario has a hygienic design that aims to avoid contamination from the ground up. This includes avoiding any areas in the inner and outer drums as well as tanks and pipes in which dirt or microorganisms could settle and accumulate permanently. The upper shell of the outer drum can be removed for servicing.

ActiveProcessControl – worldwide unique process reliability on washer extractors

The Kannegiesser washer extractors have a unique measuring and sensor technology to ensure the washing and disinfection quality. With ActiveProcessControl, they are the only washing machines in the world that know exactly at any time how much laundry and water is in the drum. No other machine knows the exact amount of washing liquor remaining in the drum after a bath has been drained. This means that no other machine can determine how much liquor has to be topped up after a bath drain in order to comply with the specified disinfection conditions. When it comes to 100% process reliability, there is nothing comparable to the Kannegiesser washer extractor technology with ActiveProcessControl!