6 reasons why Kannegiesser customers wash more sustainably

Sustainability has become more and more important for laundries due to the effects of the global climate change, constantly rising energy prices and new the EU directives on the conservation of drinking water resources. Therefore, textile service providers are paying more and more attention to the conservation of resources such as water, steam, gas and electricity. The batch washer PowerTrans Vario from Kannegiesser sets the standard. The following six features make the washing process as sustainable as possible:

  1. Highly efficient washing mechanism
    ActiveDrop, the highly efficient mechanical wash action ensures that the textiles are permanently compressed and rinsed instead of just being rubbed on the textile surface. This means, for example, that the use of chemicals can be reduced.
  2. Energy supplied remains in the system
    Insulated drum walls with granulate filling both at the beginning and at the end of the main wash reduce heat transfer from the main wash zone to the colder pre-wash and rinse zone. In combination with the high-quality foam insulation (60 mm for clear wash chambers and 40 mm for heating chambers) the required temperatures can be maintained without reheating.
  3. Water and chemicals - not too much and not too little
    With the straight drum wall design of the PowerTrans Vario, we guarantee complete batch separation. This means that every batch is treated individually according to its true batch size and its wash programme. In particular, the ratio metric dosing and the liquor ratio are precisely adjusted. Since liquor mixing between neighbouring batches is avoided, there is no unnecessary dilution.
  4. Steam injectors without compressed air
    There is potential for savings as soon as the energy is fed into the system. Special steam injectors of the VENTURI type ensure maximum utilisation of the injected heat. This design works without the addition of compressed air during steam injection. The energy required to generate the compressed air can thus be saved.
  5. Energy-saving drive system
    The motor of the PowerTrans Vario is controlled by a frequency converter. This frequency converter reduces the starting currents and the torque peaks. We also use drive rollers made of POM (PolyOxyMethylene). POM is an ideal plastic which, in addition to good material properties such as hardness, strength and surface quality, also has a particularly low coefficient of friction. Due to the lower friction, less total energy is required for the drive.
  6. Large, insulated cockpit tanks for maximum water recovery
    The purpose of the integrated recovery tanks is to recover water from the washing process. But this is not just about the water as a raw material. After all, the process water is loaded with energy and chemicals and is therefore highly valuable. If the recovery tanks are too small, the machine consumes more cold fresh water, which increases the water and heating requirements. Kannegiesser machines have large and fully thermally insulated recovery tanks as standard. Less fresh water needs to be drawn and less heating is required. This reduces the overall resource requirement.

For Kannegiesser, sustainability has become an elementary component of the corporate strategy. By helping our customers to become more sustainable, we can make our contribution to reducing the demand for resources in the textile services industry. We achieve this through the use and continuous improvement of our technologies.