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Flatwork Technology

Division Flatwork Technology

The flatwork division consists of processing a wide range of flatwork items, e.g. hotel and hospital linen. Items such as bed linens and table linens are processed through the washing and drying process and then through ironer lines (flatwork feeding machines, ironers, folding machines). Dry work such as blankets towels and gowns are fully dried and then folded and stacked using special folding machines.

SFM. II FoldMaster Standard

High Performance Folder for High Quality Demands; 1 and2 Lane large Piece Folding; Multiple Lane Small Piece Folding Read more

RFM. II FoldMaster Combi

Reverse Fold Principle for Highest Quality Demands; 1 and 2 lane Large Piece Folding and Multi Lane Small Piece Folding Read more

CFM. II FoldMaster Compact

High Performance Folder for 1 and 2 Lane Sheet Folding as well as Multi Lane Small Piece Folding Read more

RFL-J Combi Junior FoldMaster

Universal Longitudinal Folder for a wide application range Read more


Multi Purpose Feeder for Small Piece Folding and Stacking Read more


Multi Lane Reverse Folding Machine for Handling a Multitude of Small Articles Read more


The folding and stacking machine for fast and precise folding and stacking enables highest quality Read more