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Sorting and Storage System

The Supertrack Monorail System is designed to work in harmony with the entire range of Kannegiesser laundry machinery.  The compatibility of control system PLCs enables process data to be seamlessly transferred between all equipment. The storage of classified sorted laundry can be tailored to suit every application and customer’s production requirement. 



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Specialties and functions

  • Available for batch sizes of 36 kg – 100 kg (80 lbs.- 220 lbs.)
  • Ergonomic sorting platforms for constantly high throughput for sorting on the soiled (Pre Sort) or clean side (Post Sort) of the laundry
  • Efficient distribution of laundry batches to washroom, finishing area, or sorting stations including the empty bag return staging.
  • Highly resistant to wear due to high grade stainless steel track
  • TrackView reporting package to provide an evaluation of the production data such as number of loads, total weight relating to customer, category, washing program and machine
  • Integrates in the Kannegiesser MIS system.
  • Continually guarantees better working environment, higher volume production, and administrative coordination. 

Further Information

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Reduce down times

In order to reduce eventual down time of your Kannegiesser equipment to a minimum we offer a high level of availability for our genuine Kannegiesser spare parts.

If you have any questions regarding Kannegiesser spare parts or in case of orders, please contact our contact persons.

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