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Washer Extractor with JET-Rinsing

The new generation of washer extractors for a wide range of applications

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Specialties and functions

  • 10 different size models from 30 kg to 270 kg (66 lbs to 595 lbs)
  • Each machine available in barrier-wall or standard industrial design
  • Heating Options: steam, electro, combined heating of direct / indirect steam
  • G-factor up to approximately 350 G
  • Eliminates imbalanced loads because of equal batch weights in each cylinder compartment
  • Ergonomic design due to side mounted cylinder door, comfortable loading and unloading positions, and the manual addition of detergents below eye level
  • Optional Scaletron PLUS weighing device for optimum washing results and additional water savings
  • Water recovery system for considerable water and energy savings (optional)
  • Carewash inner cylinder perforation made of high strength stainless steel for a careful washing standard
  • JET-Rinsing: the revolutionary principle of our PowerTrans JET transferred to the FAVORITplus for minimum fresh water consumption and high output of goods
  • SPS control for up to 99 different washing programs
  • Full media integration with a PowerTrans and/or condensation heat exchanger that enables additional savings of water, energy and detergents in the complete laundry system
  • Infinite wash and extract speed regulation due to single motor frequency control drive
  • Air bag suspension for gentle machine operation and acceleration speed electronically controlled to enable smooth transitions

Further Information

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