The PowerSwing achieves Lowest Ancillary Times Due to Automatic Loading and Unloading.

Since the inception of large sized open-pocket washer extractors, all designs have faced the common question of loading and unloading: How to load and unload the wash cylinder with a minimum effort and time expended? Kannegiesser answers these questions with the PowerSwing. The entire cylinder assembly, consisting of inner and outer drum, can be rotated. For loading, washing, extracting and unloading, the PowerSwing rotates its drum unit to the ideal position.

The ideal loading position takes full advantage of gravity assistance.

For loading, the drum unit with oversized door opening is in a full vertical position, facilitating loading from the top


Maximum use of drum volume due to unique loading principle

The drum unit is always in the optimum position for loading, washing, spinning and, of course, unloading. On loading, the drum opening is vertical and already rotating at item distribution speed. As a result, loading can take place very quickly and with larger loading quantities.

  • Maximum Use of Drum Volume With Vertical Loading
  • The inner drum rotates while it is being loaded
  • Laundry items are pressed against the drum wall by centrifugal force

Seamless integration into your logistics due to various layout options

The PowerSwing loading principle provides a large number of loading options. The washer can be integrated in the best way possible into all sorts of different laundry layouts. Loading can be done semiautomatically via simple inclined conveyor, with cart dumpers, bag systems or many other system suited to your space requirements.

  • Automatic loading with monorail system
  • Loading with loading conveyor
  • Loading with lift shuttle conveyor
  • Unloading on a conveyor belt for automatic transport to a batch dryer

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