The Automatic Dry Work Line

The Kannegiesser Dry Work Line automatically feeds, folds, sorts, and stacks 600 towels per hour on average of typical hotel and healthcare mixes with four different articles in one batch. During the feeding process, it measures the length and width of each item to fold, sort and stack them accordingly on the four speed stackers of the folding machine.

The Dry Work Line consists of the newly developed and field approved feeding robot Robofeed and the folding machine Speedline XFM. The Robofeed is equipped with state-of-the-art camera technology that enables a servo-driven gripper to recognize, separate and feed every single item into the folding machine at maximum speed.

More employment in other laundry areas

By automating the feeding process, employees are free to perform other important tasks such as quality control or preparing and inspecting containers for delivery.

Steady performance

Naturally, the operators’ feeding performance varies and usually becomes less productive over the course of the shift due to fatigue. Automation prevents the feeding process from becoming a potential bottleneck and slowing down the laundry process.

Wide range of articles processed

The Dry Work Line processes batches of up to four different articles that differ in width or length without compromising productivity. The function ColorSort available as an option to sort different plain-colored articles that don’t otherwise differ in size.

Prestige for employees

Working in a state-of-the-art facility with advanced technology such as robotics and intelligent control systems has nothing to do with the exhausting labor in an ordinary manual laundry. Recruiting for a modern laundry is easier because employees appreciate ergonomic workstations and are proud to be part of an innovative and forward-thinking company.

Reduced risk of contamination

Eliminating manual feeding removes a potential source of contamination. Fewer contacts between the cleaned product and personnel ensure a higher standard of hygiene. In a robotized laundry, the only contact employees have with the clean towels is when they prepare the containers for shipping at the end of the process.