Quantex – Systematic quality control

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Automatic detection of holes and stains on folding machines – quality is no longer in the eye of the beholder. With the Quantex scan system, we facilitate the automated, continuous quality control of items on the ironer line as well as on the dry work line. It detects stains and holes on both sides of the article, and by adjusting the quality criteria to the laundry type the delivery quality is decisively improved. The operators are unburdened in terms of quality control, the feeding process is faster and at the same time the error rate is reduced – meaning your customers will be more satisfied than ever.


Quantex for flatwork

For flat linen, Quantex offers quality control at ironer speeds of up to 60 m/min. Large items can be monitored in 1 and 2-lane operation and small items in up to 6-lane operation.

Quantex enables reliable stain detection on the upper and lower side of flat linen. The detection of holes in the textile also works with multi-layered articles, such as hidden holes in bed linen. Alignment issues, wrinkles, edge irregularities and creases are also detected. Identified items are then sorted out and either collected in a laundry trolley or fed automatically via a conveyor belt or vacuum system for further processing or re-washing.

Quantex Dry Work

Quantex Dry Work monitors the towels quality on the automatic dry work line with RFT and XFM-SR. Since there is no longer a checking look from an operator on the Speedline, Quantex Dry Work takes over the detection of holes, tears and other textile damage as well as stains on the upper side of the textile. This makes manual handling obsolete, which increases reliability and hygiene safety.

Quantex – as varied as the needs of our customers

With the help of a clear and intuitive user interface, the Quantex parameters can be individually adjusted. This includes, for example, the accepted tolerances for hole size, stain size and stain contrast. Article areas can be hidden, for example edges or logos, which should not be scanned. A special highlight is the self-optimization function: Here, the system automatically adjusts the parameters in such a way that a maximum reject quantity defined by the operator is not exceeded. Finally yet importantly, Quantex provides comprehensive statistical evaluations for every type of laundry and defect.

Summary: Automated quality control – item by item

The Quantex system offers permanent hygienic quality control and the advantage of maximum reliability through automated processes.