PowerTrans Vario, the secret key to productivity and diversity

Textile diversity during loading (left) and in the machine (right)
Consistent washing quality with different batch sizes
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Washing tunnels were developed with the aim of continuously washing large amounts of similar laundry with the lowest possible consumption. Over the years, however, the requirements have changed fundamentally. The trend towards individualism with a steadily increasing variety of textiles, articles and colors is a major challenge for laundries, but at the same time also an opportunity to stand out from the competition.

While "productivity" and "diversity" were previously seen as contradicting one another, these requirements could be united with the development of the PowerTrans Vario. The PowerTrans Vario offers a level of flexibility that is usually only seen with washer extractors.

True bath separation

With the PowerTrans Vario, the counterflow principle of earlier batch washers has been replaced by standing baths with consistent bath separation. Each individual batch is processed separately from the first to the last chamber. Thanks to a patented double sealing system, there is no mixing of the liquor between neighboring batches. The result: better washing, rinsing and finishing of every single batch and thus a high and reproducible washing quality.  

When changing colors, the PowerTrans Vario does not need any empty compartments thanks to the consistent bath separation and the consequent lack of counterflow. This leads to the highest possible output in the available space.

With the PowerTrans Vario, it is now state of the art that varying linen types and batch sizes can be successively processed without any restrictions or output losses. The laundry mix and the washing sequence can be optimally adapted to the logistical processes and the requirements of the laundry. Flexible like a washer extractor but with high output and minimal consumption – that is the key to success of the PowerTrans Vario.