No automatization? No problem! – Mat processing in the manual washhouse

Floor mats are common across all industries. On the one hand they serve to protect buildings from coarse dirt. On the other hand they make the positive impression for visitors in the entrance area.

That is why you can find floor mats in almost every laundry. The combination of the Futura 1100 and the compact dryer DC 50 is particularly ideal for this.

Futura 1100

The Futura 1100 is the perfect machine for washing floor mats in the manual washhouse. It has an extremely large inner drum diameter of almost 1.50 meters (572 inch), so that even large and bulky items are exposed to optimal washing mechanics.

The washing process benefits from the large volume and diameter of the washing drum, from high lifters and from an electronic unbalance detection. Electrical braking resistors and large drains ensure very short non-productive times. With JET rinsing, the number of rinsing processes can be drastically reduced and thus the output significantly increased compared to conventional washer extractors.

The Futura 1100 can be tilted backwards for easier loading and forwards for unloading. Together with the large, side-hinged drum door, this ensures a high level of ergonomics for the operator.

Compact dryer DC 50

The DC 50 compact dryer is the right choice for drying the mats. Like the Futura 100 the DC 50 also features a large opening for ergonomic loading, the large drum diameter allows for an optimal drying process and the tilt function enables fast and easy unloading.

The continuous monitoring of the surface temperature by means of InfraTouch control prevents the temperature-sensitive loops from overheating while the moisture evaporates on the mat surface during the drying process. The end of drying is automatically recognized, which shortens process times, saves energy and protects the goods.

A strong team in the manual washhouse

The drying process takes about half as long as the washing process (including loading and unloading). During the processing of a mat batch on the Futura 1100, two mat batches that are half the size can be dried in the DC 50. If, therefore, the washed batch is halved for drying, then both machines are always used equally. The Futura 1100 and the compact dryer DC 50 thus form a strong team for mat processing in the manual washhouse!