Moving forward together: from challenges to solutions

The laundry industry is currently facing a multitude of challenges, ranging from a persistent labour shortage to the reduction of CO2 emissions. In this ever-changing environment, Kannegiesser sees itself as a global partner for the future of the laundry industry. Kannegiesser not only recognises the current challenges, but also offers targeted solutions to lead its customers into a competitive and sustainable future.

One of the key challenges facing many laundries worldwide is the ever-growing shortage of skilled labour. This is exacerbated by increasing cost pressure, which is forcing laundries to continuously improve their productivity without neglecting the high quality required. At the same time, the omnipresent shortage of skilled labour is hampering growth and making it difficult for many companies to meet the high demand for qualified employees.

What if there were solutions to the labour shortage?

Ergonomic workplace design, automation and robotisation are the core elements for the laundry of the future.

Ergonomics is the basis for modern workplaces. One person can take on so many and varied tasks. This must be designed to be as simple and health-friendly as possible. The result: higher employee satisfaction and better productivity. Kannegiesser offers input technology that is even ergonomically certified.

Automation ensures a continuous flow of laundry, the prerequisite for consistently high productivity. In combination with workstations, ergonomics can be further improved. The goods come to the person in a controlled manner. Feeding systems with automatic data transfer and laundry separation increase output by up to 35%.

The idea that a robot can not only perform repetitive tasks but also master complex laundry processes may sound futuristic, but it has long since become a reality. Our vision goes beyond the automation of tasks - it sees robots as an integral part of an efficient and stable labour force.

The Kannegiesser dry laundry line with the Robofeed is not only a technological advance, but also an example of how robotics can directly address labour issues. The dry laundry line not only ensures consistent performance, but also demonstrates how the integration of robotics optimises and speeds up the laundry process. Robotisation allows employees to concentrate on more demanding tasks, while repetitive work is taken over by the machines. This not only increases efficiency, but also helps to overcome labour shortages by allowing qualified employees to be deployed for more complex tasks. The integration of robotics is not only an answer to the labour shortage, but also a way to equip the laundry industry for an innovative future. The dry laundry line is a step in this direction, not only to meet the current challenges, but also to actively shape the future.

Another key issue in our industry is CO2 reduction at a time when environmental awareness and sustainable practices are becoming increasingly important, we see it as our responsibility to offer solutions that not only make economic sense, but also have a positive impact on the environment.

What if laundries could not only significantly reduce their own CO2 emissions, but also become pioneers of sustainability?

Our advanced technology already enables considerable savings in energy costs and CO2 emissions. Our high-performance washing line PowerTrans Vario, a prime example of sustainable technology, sets standards in terms of washing efficiency, water and energy consumption. Our dewatering units with the PowerPress and PowerSpin enable low residual moisture and lead to considerable savings in the subsequent evaporation processes. Our Eco2Power technology in our PowerDry dryers ensures that the energy remains efficiently in the system, resulting in further energy savings.

In the wash houses, our machines not only offer a first-class washing effect, but also an innovative use of resources. The energy contained in the exhaust air from the ironer and finisher is used to heat the fresh water for the washing process. As a result, energy consumption in modern laundries can be reduced to less than 0.8 kWh per kilogramme of laundry. An impressive figure that not only leads to direct savings, but also significantly reduces CO2 emissions.

These innovations are not only investments in the environment, but also in the profitability of laundries. In the face of rising prices for CO2 emissions, the use of sustainable technologies is a smart economic decision. Our customers benefit not only from the reduction of their environmental impact, but also from long-term cost efficiency.

The challenge of climate change requires not only technological innovation, but also an awareness of the values of trust and reliability. As a global partner, we understand that the path to a sustainable future lies not only in machines, but also in partnership and trust. Because trust and reliability form the basis of every successful partnership. We have been committed to laundry expertise for more than 75 years and are happy to share this knowledge with our customers. Whether it's a small family laundry or a large industrial operation, we understand the individual needs of our customers and offer customised solutions.

What if trust was strengthened not only by reliable machines and services, but also by the ability to cope with the increasing diversity of requirements?

The growing variety of laundry requirements demands increasing flexibility from laundries. This is also where our machines come into play, which are designed to process a wide range of laundry. Our SynchroPro feeding machine is the all-rounder and is suitable for every application - regardless of whether low, medium or high hourly outputs and whether large or small items in single or multi-lane operation. The SynchroPro ensures that laundries can not only react flexibly to the increasing variety, but also guarantee maximum process reliability and an unrivalled level of quality in the daily feeding process. Our solutions enable our customers to respond flexibly to the increasing variety of laundry requirements without compromising on quality.

The importance of quality in the laundry industry cannot be overemphasised. The high expectations of customers and the need to deliver flawless linen are crucial to ensure the future satisfaction of end customers. Our machines and technologies are designed to fulfil the highest quality standards.

In an industry that is facing challenges, we are characterised not just by words, but by concrete, well thought-out solutions. Our machines and services are not only answers to current requirements, but also investments in a sustainable and competitive future. As a global partner, we are proud to accompany the laundry industry on its journey into the future. Our innovations are not only technologically advanced, but also designed to be ready for the challenges ahead. The future of the laundry industry starts today and we have the solutions.