eVue - Process control for transparent laundry logistics

eVue is the most advanced web-based process control software for modern laundry operations. With the experience of over 260 installations, the reliable and intuitive system offers operators and management in laundries full transparency and control over their production process. It ensures that the laundry can work at maximum capacity. This is ensured, among other things, by highly developed system diagnostic functions, outstanding production routing and tracking, as well as clear and real-time reports on production and operating performance.

What are the advantages of eVue?

1) Full transparency – the basis for process optimization and productivity
eVue offers quick orientation about the processes in the laundry. At any point in time, it can be seen which batch (customer and / or category) is at which position in the process. The display is shown on a modern touch monitor with zoom function, as we know it today from smartphones and tablets. Messages and information can be sent automatically by email and optionally even as push messages directly to mobile devices.
Full transparency not only relates to the current laundry batches, but also to possible malfunctions and interruptions: for example, you can see at a glance at which point a belt conveyor is out of service or an emergency stop button has been pressed. This enables quick and targeted intervention so that operations can continue quickly.

2) Reports
Accurate, clear and real-time reports are essential for full transparency of the laundry processes. The recording of current and historical data, batch and load tracking from sorting to the finishing area, immediate notification of interruptions and malfunctions, clear and easy-to-read dashboard displays and reporting functions ensure transparency and provide the basis for optimizing the logistical processes in the laundry.

3) Control of the logistic processes in the laundry

eVue controls the logistical processes in the laundry and thus does more than just visualize and generate reports. After defining the basic data such as customer, category and production lists, eVue is used, for example, to allocate the sorting compartments, allocate the storage lanes and define the drop points.

4) Diagnostic tools for technicians

Convenient diagnostic tools ensure that interruptions can be eliminated quickly. By clicking on the fault message, the technician is guided step-by-step through a menu with information on troubleshooting. The elimination of the malfunction is documented in the database so that malfunctions can also be evaluated using extensive reporting. In addition, the system provides alarms and reminders for preventive maintenance.  

The goal: to increase productivity

The extensive functions of eVue always have one goal in mind: increasing the productivity of the entire laundry. Full transparency of the processes enables a continuous optimization of the laundry, avoids lengthy "searches" for certain batches of laundry and enables rapid intervention in the event of malfunctions. Unnecessary idling at individual work steps is avoided, non-productive times are reduced and every batch of laundry is in the right place at the right time!