eVue – A closer look

eVue is the most advanced web-based process control software for modern laundry operations. The intuitive system enables a continuous optimization of the laundry, avoids lengthy "searches" for certain batches of laundry and enables rapid intervention in the event of malfunctions. Operating eVue is very simple and quick to learn. Also, there is no language barrier, because the interface language adapts to the respective logged-in user.

Full transparency

In the eVue basic screen, it is always possible to see which batch is at which position in the process. The display of the laundry batches can be individually set in different colors according to customer and category. The logistical processes are displayed in real time – for example the direction status of switches and the operating status of belt conveyors. The Kannegiesser machines from the washing and finishing area can be integrated as an option.

Where is currently a particular batch?

eVue offers a particularly convenient search for different criteria such as customer and category. For example, if you are looking for batches of a specific customer, you can highlight them in color on the overview screen.

Fast correcting of malfunctions

In the event of interruptions, it is important to quickly identify the cause and eliminate it. In the eVue overview you can immediately see at which point an emergency stop button has been triggered. The operator receives information on troubleshooting via the touch function: 

Fault messages are also displayed directly on the basic screen. Here the operator receives extensive and convenient step-by-step support so that the error can be rectified quickly and production can continue.


The basic menu gives access to a wide range of evaluation options, for example the production output sorted over time according to categories or customers. In addition, the reporting also includes evaluations of the system availability and malfunctions and provides information on preventive maintenance. Everything can be called up intuitively in just a few steps and also exported as a table file.

Information available anytime and anywhere!

Whether with a tablet or smartphone – you can operate up the web-based application via mobile devices as standard. However, much more is optionally possible, such as SMS messages in the event of system malfunctions and customized mobile queries about system performance ('eText').