Global partner for the future of the laundry industry

Trust is rarely given away, but must be earned. In the past, trusting relationships with our customers have always been the basis for years of successful cooperation. For decades, we have successfully developed solutions to help our customers remain competitive. Of course, ensuring that these solutions are future-proof is of central importance. However, future-proof systems are not only achieved with mechanically reliable machines. Today, it takes much more than that to prove oneself as the global partner for the laundry industry:

  1. ​​Logistics and automation
    One trend that will accompany us in the future is the ever-increasing variety of articles. A smart laundry combines efficient and powerful machines with intelligent logistics. Not only is the variety of articles mastered, but productivity and delivery reliability also increase. We not only supply the machines, but also the appropriate logistics solutions for the entire laundry operation. This means maximum automation from washing to drying and finishing to sorting. The advantage: A reliable and efficient laundry operation that runs like clockwork.
  2. Robotization
    Industry 4.0, SmartLaundry and artificial intelligence. Are these just buzzwords or is there more to it than that? For us and also for our customers, these concepts are becoming a reality as robotization makes its way into laundries around the world. Thanks to decades of experience and extensive development work, Kannegiesser can deliver innovative laundry automation tools and advanced robotics that pave the way to a new age of textile care. We are revolutionizing textile care with automated logistics and remarkable robotics. This move into robotization is a critical component of future-proof systems - for our customers and, in turn, for us.
  3. Employees
    How can we design processes in a laundry ergonomically so that employees can protect their health in the long term without negative effects on the hourly output? Textile services must find an answer to this question especially when considering employee recruitment and retention in laundries. The balancing act between high productivity on the one hand and a pleasant and as gentle as possible working environment for employees on the other is a more topical issue than ever for many laundries.
  4. Productivity
    Many expect the pricing pressure for the textile service industry to continue to increase. More and more service providers are entering the individual submarkets. For example, a company that previously catered exclusively to hotels may well find itself looking for a new niche in the healthcare market. It is highly likely that those laundries that have their costs under control will prevail in the future. Laundries can reduce costs with high productivity. Productivity must therefore always be right in order to ensure the competitiveness of our customers. Our future developments will continue to pay attention to this.
  5. Sustainability
    Textile services have long been dealing with issues such as "environmental protection", "energy efficiency", "heat recovery" or "sustainable laundry management". For laundries and their customers, sustainability plays a major role. For us, sustainability is an elementary component of our corporate strategy. By helping our customers to become more sustainable, we can make our contribution to reducing the resource requirements of the textile services industry. We make that possible by the use of new technologies in our research and development.

In the five building blocks of "logistics and automation," "robotization," "employees," "productivity" and "sustainability," our customers can rely on us. In the areas critical to our customers, we provide support with future-proof solutions. That is why we are the global partner for the future of the laundry industry.