5 Reasons for Garment Systems by Kannegiesser

A garment system simply must work - ideally at high speed, accurately and without interruption. Kannegiesser knows what it takes to make it happen:

  1. Capacity of up to 16,000 items per hour at lowest error rates 
    Fast signal processing and high transport speeds combined with a compact design result in the high efficiency of the Kannegiesser garment system. This is made possible by state-of-the-art high-frequency (HF) RFID antenna technology from Siemens in combination with refined hardware components. Hangers are not barcoded, which can wear off and thus lead to malfunction. Instead, each hanger is equipped with an RFID chip, providing the most reliable identification rates in the market. 
  2. Preventing downtime – detect and eliminate errors immediately 
    With extensive control and monitoring sensors, Kannegiesser’s systems can respond immediately to unexpected scenarios. This not only reduces downtime, but also protects the equipment and the system. This ensures complete, on-time deliveries. And if help is still needed? Kannegiesser's customer service can troubleshoot and provide online assistance via a Remote Access Unit (RAU) that is included as standard for sorting systems. 
  3. Durable and robust 
    To ensure that the garment system runs smoothly over the long term, Kannegiesser uses only reliable and proven components. This includes specially designed conveyor chains and server technology ranging from an industrial PC to a fully redundant replication server, all running Microsoft software. High-quality touch screens with maintenance-free glass surfaces serve as the operator interface. 
  4. Efficient storage utilization 
    Space is always scarce in the laundry. For this reason, the space in the garment storage is always optimally utilized. Unique to Kannegiesser: Intelligent software dynamically and flexibly allocates garments among the storage rails, for example, depending on garment thickness, so that no space is wasted. 
  5. Ergonomics: easy to use and quiet 
    The X-Loader makes loading garments easier and more convenient than ever before. It offers plenty of space to move thanks to its slim design. The loading station provides hangers quickly and without waiting time. It can also be continuously adjusted to any body size and is very easy to operate.
    Kannegiesser has developed the new Silent Carrier for the TL-P transport and storage conveyor as a solution to high noise levels near garment systems. It reduces the perceived noise level by up to 50 percent. Thanks to the new design, the carrier can now be easily clicked in and out without tools.