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Kannegiesser at EXPO DETERGO 2010

This year Kannegiesser presents to the visitors an excerpt of “the entire world of laundry technology". Proven technologies and brand new Kannegiesser innovations will be shown some of which will be operational.

Kannegiesser offers as a single-source “one stop shop” supplier of industrial laundry equipment, the complete portfolio of industrial laundry equipment.

From the washing technology (batch washers, washer extractors, moisture extraction technology such as presses and centrifuges, and dryers) to the flatwork technology (complete ironer lines, separating- and feeding systems as well as towel processing) up to garment processing (finishing systems with integrated material handling and sorting equipment). The portfolio is completed by comprehensive transport logistics, data- and information management systems, and an overall energy management system. A continuous/permanent consultation, planning, logistics and service / support contribute to the optimization of the entire laundry process and therefore increase the profitability of our customers. This sustainable intense relationship with our customers is also reflected in our aim, to act as a "partner in laundry technology ".

Washing Technology:

On its exhibition stand Kannegiesser will show the new washer extractor series „FAVORITplus“, successor of the former Favorit models.  The range of applications of the „FAVORITplus“ ranges from classic industrial applications to barrier wall installations for hospital requirements.  Besides known advantages like the JET-rinsing, which guarantees a minimum water consumption and short process times, the new series of washer extractors is equipped with the „Scaletron Plus“ technology. With the help of this weighting function, which enables reproducible and defined washing processes, the water amount is weighed. In this way not only the free but also the absorbed liquor can be detected. As a result water savings of up to 50% and output increases of up to 25% can be achieved with the „FAVORITplus“.

With the “PowerTrans” Kannegiesser is going to present a continuous batch washer which, due to its reliability, overload safety, productivity, energy-savings and washing quality, plays a leading role in laundries all over the world. Of specific importance is the so called “Dry Transfer”, which enables enormous fresh water savings.

The „PowerPress“ implements the 3 principles of extraction technology into practice in a very efficient way. The fast and high pressure-built-up during extraction, the high ratio of perforations in the pressing basket as well as in the bottom plate enable to drain the water quickly and without counter pressure. The powerful hydraulic system leads to short non-productive times during the ram movement and maximum time at high pressure.

Flatwork Technology:

Innovations in the processing of flatwork material will be demonstrated in operation, with 3 ironer lines being shown. Besides an ironer line for the processing of bed-linen/hospital-application (incl. brand new high-performance feeding technology), a combination ironer line as well as a small-piece ironer line will be demonstrated to show the enormous variety of flatwork processing.

An innovation in the field of small piece processing is the new high-performance folding- and stacking machine for small pieces "KFS". In addition to the "french fold" (length- and cross-folding as a one-third-folding) as well as various folding patterns with centrefolds, the KFS also allows stacking of unfolded articles. Due to the typically high numbers of small pieces to be processed, a particularly efficient process is very important for achieving economical processing. The KFS achieves the required high folding capacity due to the separation of length and cross folding.

Representing the family of towel folding machines the brand new combination drywork folding machine "AFM-BR" will be shown on the stand in operation. The AFM-BR has all the features of the AFM-SB models with the additional flexibility of folding bathrobes. This makes the AFM-BR universally applicable and meets the increasing requirements for more flexibility.

To give the audience a demonstration/insight into the Kannegiesser data-management-systems, Kannegiesser will present the "Linen Tracking" (including automatic stack transport).

Garment Technology

In the field of garment processing, Kannegiesser will present a folding robot from their “FA-X” series. One driving belt over the whole working width as well as the automatic thickness adaptation enable the FA-X (for hospital applications) to treat almost the entire range of garments articles. The FA-X is available in two models (max. 700 items/h and max. 900 items/h). The automatic garment identification and therefore automatic selection of the appropriate folding program furthermore characterizes the FA-X as a very efficient machine in the field of garment processing. The modern design of the machine additionally offers optimal accessibility to all relevant areas of the folding robot.

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