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Resource Management

Resource Management

Sustainability in the laundry – Recovery of water and energy

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Specialties and functions

  • Recovery system consisting of the 3 components STS, STS-Hx and EMS with common control of all components for a perfectly synchronized system
  • STS Special Tank System:

The processing of different criteria on the batch washer is already possible without any quality losses. But optimized washing processes rely on the recovery and reuse of the washing, rinsing and extracting liquor. If the recovery capacity is not sufficient, consumptions rise!

The SpecialTankSystem provides large storage capacities. Recovered liquor that can not immediately be used for the washing process because of its color, is stored in large, fully insulated 2 m³ or 4 m³ tank modules. This liquor can either be used in the batch washer later with suitable linen or it can be used reasonably for other washing machines.

  • Central Waste Water Heat Exchanger STS-Hx

The central waste water heat exchanger STS-Hx is a tube-in-tube system especially adapted to laundry requirements. The waste water flows in the inner tube, the outer tube leads the fresh water in counterflow. The STS fresh water module is filled directly through the waste water heat exchanger. Afterwards the fresh water is permanently pumped from the STS fresh water module through the heat  exchanger in circulation. When the temperature at the waste water  inlet decreases under a minimum, the circulation is automatically stopped (break). A maximum temperature for warm water can be programmed.

STS-Hx available in three different sizes for the processing of 12 – 32 m³ per hour

  • Condensation Heat Exchanger EMS

The condensation heat exchanger EMS enables the energetic link of the washing and finishing areas in your laundry. Use the energy contained in the exhaust air of your ironers or finishers for the heating of fresh water for your washing processes. The moisture from the exhaust air condenses at the heat exchanger plates. Thereby the fresh water is heated in counterflow. The separated flows of exhaust air and fresh water avoid the contamination of fresh water with condensate. The fresh water quality remains unchanged.

The water from the STS fresh water module is permanently pumped through the condensation heat exchanger in circulation. When the temperature of the exhaust air of the ironer or finisher decreases below a minimum, the circulation is automatically stopped (break). A  maximum temperature for warm water can be programmed.

A space-saving installation of EMS floor-mounted besides the ironer or directly on the tunnel finisher is possible.

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