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PowerSpin PLUS

The Performance Optimizer

The new PowerSpin PLUS is an up-to-date centrifuge without compromise. The effective combination of high output, high moisture extraction and short cycle times satisfies any customers’ requirements. 

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Specialties and functions

  • Optimum performance for delicate types of laundry
  • For batch sizes between 25 kg and 110 kg
  • All models available in Turbo execution with minimum cycle times of 120 sec
  • Infinitely variable G-Force up to 800 G
  • Self-optimizing extraction processes – the machine „learns“ from the past history
  • Fast electric brake sequence without any mechanical brake unit and subsequent power regeneration
  • Complete base frame constructed in stainless steel ensures maximum hygienic conditions
  • In addition to the optimum system integration with the PowerTrans PLUS series, all PowerSpin PLUS models are suitable for installation in connection with any batch washers commercially available worldwide.
  • Trouble-free re-use capability even in connection with existing batch washers
  • Modern SPS control with 99 centrifuge programs for optimum adaption to any linen spectrum

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