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Operating reliability

Operating reliability

Consequent safety and reliability

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Specialties and functions

DressCare Select is independent of the opening times of conventional hand-out systems. The hand-out times do not depend on the presence of a person which makes workwear change simple and comfortable.

The system operates with the proven Kannegiesser conveying technology and draws on simple standard modular components which are composed for each individual configuration. The technical reliability is maximised while minimising the maintenance requirement.

The consequent module mounting in ball bearings and the steel structure for the aluminium profile provide a safety standard which permits a smooth transport even when the weight increases in the future.


In principle, the system is stocked with an amount of clean workwear which can be polled by each staff member at any time of the day or night, irrespective of whether person-referenced or non person-referenced garment assignment is to be provided.

Another possibility is that the system is always capable of holding reserve garments. As soon as a programmable minimum stock is reached, the DressCare Select is able to issue an order to the laundry via the server-linked Kannegiesser Netlink technology. In this manner an exact review of the exact number of garments is maintained.

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