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Garment System with Sorting Technology for the Healthcare Sector

The adjoining example shows a compact garment system including sorting technology installed in a minimum of space. In the healthcare sector, the amount of pooled articles compared to wearer specific articles is very high. Therefore, need for sorting is not as complex. When the articles are processed together in batches it is enough to have one storage conveyor for the collecting of one sorted batch in front of the sorting system. The illustration to the right is an example of this type of system.

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Specialties and functions

At the beginning of the process the garments are put on hangers at the two Kannegiesser feeding stations which are height adjustable to allow for proper ergonomic operation.  At the infeed position, the operator can decide whether to create an open or a closed folding pattern. Every article is marked by either: plain writing; a barcode; or an RFID chip. At the hanger loading stations these articles are identified and scanned in by either: manual input of a code in the numeral operator panel or Touch-PC; a barcode scanner; or by an RFID antenna. After that they are put on the attached hangers. These hangers are previously identified in the system by another antenna which reads the RFID chip embedded in the hanger. This code (article code and hanger code) will now be combined ("married") to the article information in the data base. This data "marriage" ensures that the process proceeds securely as all data resides in the RFID chip in the hanger and is accurately and consistently read throughout the whole garment system.

The articles are transported by a storage conveyor from the hanger loading stations to the tunnel finisher X-MT 2. With this transport conveyor there is a constant feeding of the tunnelfinisher.

Upon completion of the finishing process, the garments are fed to a further storage zone by means of the ascending conveyor. Behind this storage conveyor is the sorting system Kansort Loop.

The sorted articles now are transported in the specifically required order as needed by the customer by means of a collecting conveyor. This collecting conveyor assigns them to the storage conveyor of the folding robot FA-X 900.

The empty hangers are returned to the hanger loading station via a storage and transport conveyor. In this conveyor a mechanical hanger spreader opens the hangers for charging.

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