Extremely Flexible Feeder for Standard Operation

2-station combination feeding machine.

The feeding machine EMD Duotex is most suitable for high performance requirements for large and small items with high quality demands. The feeding can be done either through large clamps or by hand onto the feed table.

Specialties and functions:

  • Designed and Constructed for High Quality and High Speed Application in two lane operation
  • multiple working applications possible: from light poly cotton sheets to table linen and small piece feeding
  • Spreading Principle: "First Measuring, then Spreading" for fast spreading



The EMD is ideal for feeding a wide range of items for which a high quality standard is required. These include lightweight polyester cotton sheets through to table cloths. Maximum capacity: up to 850 large items per hour, processed in single lane or in combined 1- and 2-lane operation or maximum1350 items in two lane operation. Of course also small pieces can be fed.

Universal combination feeding machine designed for two main

  • Medium capacity at a high quality output
  • High capacity in 2 lane operation

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