"Reset. Restart together" - with the first major exhibtition for industrial laundry on European soil since the beginning of the pandemic, the laundry industry is taking off again. We, too, are glad that it's finally starting again and look forward to exciting days at Expo Detergo in Milan!

Kannegiesser is represented at this year's Expo Detergo with a 500 m² booth. There we show the highlights from all areas of industrial laundry technology. Our current new developments deserve special mention here:

  • The new SynchroPro feeder with SwiftCare technology, here in the remote version with certified ergonomics for feeding large items.
  • Fully automatic quality assurance with Quantex hole and spot detection.
  • The large items folding machine SFM-E with integrated front stacker and sorting function for up to 6 criteria.
  • The fully automatic dry work line with the RFT feeding robot and the XFM-SR towel folding machine.
  • The ergonomic X-Loader hanger station, integrated into a Transline garments cycle with noise-reduced carriers and the FA-X folding robot.

The SynchroPro Remote represents a major leap in ergonomics. An independent study by the ErgoCert institute from Udine, Italy, confirms: The ergonomic design of the feeder reduces the strain on the operator by up to 37% and increases productivity by up to 37.5 % compared to traditional feeders.

The dry work line can automatically fold, sort and stack laundry batches containing mixed towels from hotels and hospitals. It consists of the newly developed and field-tested Robofeed RFT feeding robot and the Speedline XFM-SR folding machine. The Robofeed is equipped with the latest camera technology, which enables a servo-controlled gripper to recognize each individual piece, separate it and feed it to the folding machine at maximum speed.